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Small footprints that really matter

30. 06. 2023 Blog

What skills and energy create your deep connections with your child.

Are you ready to respect the small footprints that really matter in shaping the world around us?

Are you attracted to the norms of the system? Do you only care how others see you? Can you get clear and feel the natural attraction to discover the lasting impact we have on children. Acknowledge the contribution of your own self-image. Really discover what you focus on. What do you pass on to a developing child?

Can you perceive, feel the aliveness that all emotions are made of? How do you receive them? What do you do with them?

Where are you accelerating your and your baby’s developmental spiral?

How do you allow this deepest way to rise? Can you focus on the natural force as it works through you? Are you aware that you can use them? Do you differentiate how and how much you rely on your bones? Feel the life force work through them.

Do you feel what kind of power you have in yourself in relation to gravity? How you free your muscles to serve you is how you make a picture in your head. You may struggle to feel balanced. Your muscles are working too much and inefficiently. Whay offer self to the child to driven nonfunctional patteres to wired together during development? Only because of lack of undestanding the developmental spiral path of life. 

Did you know that you can use natural patterns?

You can activate them and allow them to settle into their natural spin of functionality and autenticity.

All of this how to leverage spin leveling through a spiral is a pedokinetic discovery of natural patterns of activation.

How to handle a baby during development so and connect trough sinhronization of left and right hemisfere of the brain to work together that they wired together troug spiral patterens is new knowledge and a revolutionary practice of activating original movements and developmental functional approach of pedokinetics.

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