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25. 05. 2022 Blog
With the steps of "Developmental Functional approach pedokinetics®, 
we tune in to the child's needs from developmental perspective. 
Learn  to cooperate with the developmental forces.  

Raise awarfenes of using self 
in order to  support autenticity of developmental capacity.  

Found out the way of loving behavior according to organic tools that are above 
personal perspective. 
Discover the whole new mind set and 
reconstruct limited belifes 
about how to handle with baby. 

The baby builds a skeletal support construct and muscle function regardless of the given experience. Life grows in him. However, due to the lack of experience at this level, further development impetus is taking place at a significantly lower utilization of genomic development capacity. This is reflected in the fact that the structure of skeletal organization and, consequently, muscle control is dysfunctionally organized.

Outwardly, we see this as if the baby is tightening somewhere, or somewhere he can’t give strength to himself …… we interpret all this as if he is not ready or does not want to. Then we rush with all possible measures and approaches to help him find a balance or “strengthen” All he needs is for parents to learn to use organic levers and consciously approach the relationship with him throughout the day.

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