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Influencing learning process by integrating brain structure during maturation of CNS

16. 04. 2015 Blog

Nervous system represents correlation- and integration mechanism for human body functions, reactions and adaptations of the body to the environment. What is development and process of maturation through development? How do we feel, sense, experience the process of learning as ultimate force of development which is accumulated by nervous system and is run as a motor of growth and intellectual maturation functioning on its own. Its structure can be influenced and it can be said that it is a type of electrochemical communication network, which allows the body to function as a whole in a dynamic environment representing an organic substrate of state of mind and enables reception and interpretation of information and reactions to these. The process of maturation shows the states of balance in the body and the degree of self-regulation. How do we know we are in psychophysical balance? How do we react when we lose the psychophysical balance?

Do we differentiate between reactions and responses?

All these are questions which should be taken into consideration when creating balance on all levels of living/moving and interfering with the development of human in early ages. We directly affect patterns in the brain, how the brain structure will be created and grow, and finally how self image is reflected through the experience from early development. The key of healthy mind development is balance in the whole of bio-psycho-physical spectrum. How do we perceive it, how do we grow during early development in order to establish the neuro-connections to activate the processes needed to create the balance and further to establish the processes in the brain to activate self-regulation. The brain develops according to experience trough movement. Movement is basic for sensing, feeling, thinking and acting. Brain start to work in integrative process of regulation of the left and right hemisphere, when there is an option to differentiate between the changes and feeling safe. To activate the simultaneous process of the integration response of the brain the option of sensing the challenge and options to making the choice are required.