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Feldenkrais® Method – Path to Educator’s Self-Regulation in order to Optimize Learning Process

16. 04. 2015 Blog

Educators are faced with daily processes of learning and conveying knowledge and skills to children who are on the threshold of their life path. Burdened with work, objectives and requirements of the system – and the list goes on – we find ourselves in time- and creative crisis. All this is reflected at all levels of our lives. With the Feldenkrais® method lessons we can influence self-awareness, improve functionality, and consequently eliminate tension and pain, become conscious of our feelings and feel how we act as a human and as an educator. We can unlock the awareness of how to influence the development of young people’s lives with our activities and of how we provide the environment for the adoption of knowledge that we offer children in their development processes. By means of responsibility we become aware that our actions influence the formation of a child’s self-image and also how, due to experience the child receives on the basis of our actions, structures in the brain are activated and formed.
We have to realize that the way in which we convey the knowledge directly influences the formation of processes of activation of intrinsic motivation, i.e. processes “to know more and even more” which are the engine of development, and that we are fully responsible for the direction of circuit-processes-structuring in the brain that form self-image and activate the potential that every individual carries within.
What is allowed and consequently enabled on the path to development in order for the above to finally happen, and how the learning process that we establish allows the detection, which activates the learning process, to occur, is crucial for the development of future generations.