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Andreja Semolič

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Small footprints that really matter

What skills and energy create your deep connections with your child.

Where are you accelerating your and your baby’s developmental spiral?

30. 06. 2023

babyVillage – pedokinetika®

Time and space for development.

A Private Mighty Network

A supportive learning and development environment for building healthy family-society relationships.

19. 02. 2023

How to support baby development

Like constructing a house, brains are built upon a strong foundation.
In order to reach more connectivity is prerequest for mother to learn how to provide necessary eksperience of child sensing, feeling and moving through daily care that include activations of origin moving.

12. 02. 2023

Essence of pedokinetika® – pedokinetics inovations

Every nervous system respond to activation trough evolution based univers geometry.
Process of providing activation of rising the origin move is pedokinetics

12. 02. 2023

Origin move

Origin moveing based on univers geometry.
Easily can be depressed with leck of understanding of organic need trough development force

12. 02. 2023

Lessons for you – join the class

Discover new mind set and reconstruct limiting beliefs about how to handle with baby. Raise awareness of using self in order to support authenticity of developmental capacity. Tune to the baby’s needs.

25. 05. 2022

Influencing learning process by integrating brain structure during maturation of CNS

Nervous system represents correlation- and integration mechanism for human body functions, reactions and adaptations of the body to the environment. What is development and process of maturation through development? How do we feel, sense, experience the process of learning as ultimate force of development which is accumulated by nervous system and is run as a […]

16. 04. 2015

DFA (Developmental Functional Approaches) of pedokinetika®

With the steps of “Developmental Functional approach pedokinetics®”, we tune in to the child’s needs from developmental perspective. Learn to cooperate with the developmental forces. Raise awarfenes of using self in order to support autenticity of developmental capacity. Found out the way of loving behavior according to organic tools that are above personal perspective. Discover the whole new mind set and reconstruct limited belifes about how to handle with baby.

16. 04. 2015

Andreja Semolič

Throughout the many years of work in the field of motor development Andreja Semolič incorporated her knowledge and experience into DFA (Developmental Functional Approaches) and she innovatively justifies these in the concept of early development, which she patented under the name of pedokinetika®. OAMI/OHIM/UUNT reg. št. 009477928, 11. 5. 2011, The founder began to […]

15. 04. 2015