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19. 02. 2023 Blog

Time and space for development

A supportive learning and development environment for building healthy family-society relationships.

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A visit to BabyVilage opens up an insight into raising the ability of human development and preserving the authenticity of human as a species. 

  • You can review the contents, through which you will find important insights and answers to your questions and dilemmas in the relationship and upbringing of your child. 
  • You can join regular classes and development lessons, where you learn and research daily, weekly or monthly as needed.
  • You will find the right market for experiences, meet parents with similar challenges, perhaps even put your story at the forefront of events, and thus contribute a bit of the mosaic to raising the courage to change other parents as well. Because we care how and in what the future generation develops.

The baby is from the very beginning receiving number of information that throughout the development represent a source for constructing self-activation and self-regulation. Pedokinetika through the Developmental Functional Approaches (DFA) allows parents to provide their baby an optimal environment of maturation of the neuro-muscular system, which is established not only due to anatomical growth, but mainly because of the information the baby adopts while in different positions and contacts with different types of flooring through movement.

Nurturing a child with DFA leads to the perception and establishment of necessary information that are becoming organized by the means of a growing- and multiple activation, and simultaneously establish the sensorimotor connections.

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